Monday, January 23, 2012

Carta Inc

You know how sometimes you go online to look up one little tiny thing?  And all of a sudden, two hours and like thirty Pinterest pages later, you realize you forgot what you were even looking up to begin with?  Yeah, that never happens to me either.

Long story short, I have no recollection of the route that brought me to Angela Liguori's site, Carta Inc, tonight.  But am I ever glad I got there.  First, the design of the website itself, is so serenely pretty, it's just a pleasure to look at.  Second her products are just as lovely...handmade books, ribbons and my favorite the vintage glassine envelopes!  And third, she's in Brookline!  Hooray for awesome Boston folks. 

All photos courtesy of


  1. Thanks for posting about her. I love everything in her shop! I just bought some vintage stamps and ribbon. Argh!

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