Sunday, August 4, 2013


Sooooo it seems it's been a while, eh? Sorry about that. Maybe I can make it up to you with photos from some travels abroad? First up...Iceland!  Reykjavik is such a wonderful little city and the countryside of Iceland is absolutely gorgeous. I highly recommend visiting.
Downtown Reykjavik
A great start to the day, a kleina donut from Bjornsbakari
Moss covered wall at Reykjavik's city hall

Downtown Reykjavik building
Icelandic countryside
Entrance to hot springs
Basking in the steam of the geysir
The most beautiful milky shade of aqua blue I've ever seen

Gullfoss waterfall
These folks deserve a round of applause

A herd of sheep running away from me

The best bowl of cream of mushroom soup I've ever eaten

Church steeple in the town of Vik

Black sand beach



Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Okay, I've got a couple of vacations to catch you all up on!  I think I will work backwards, starting with this past weekend's trip to Montreal. What a lovely city. Beautiful, easy to get around, great food and friendly Canadians...what's not to love? A few favorites to check out: 

Porchetta, a mobile restaurant on the waterfront in the Old Port is a perfect place for lunch.
Notre Dame Basilica
St. Viatur's bagel shop in the Plateau neighborhood. The best part is watching the giant bagel spatula carry like 30 bagels at a time out of the brick oven.
The Pointe-à-Callière Museum of Archaeology and History,  which is by far the best archaeology museum I have ever encountered. Their exhibition on the history of Montreal allows you to experience a partially excavated archaeological site, using found artifacts to illustrate different periods. You absolutely must visit. No excuses.
Cacao 77 for their fruit and chocolate plate. Or anything chocolate, really.
Dinner at L'Express. The food is great and waitstaff is all charming young Frenchmen. You'll thank me later.
The B&B cocktail at Le Drinkerie.
And ofcourse, Mont Royal Park.