Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Portsmouth Baking Company

Three days off over Labor day weekend meant there was time for a quick trip to Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  My experiences with New Hampshire have been kind of spotty so far, some spots have been amazing some have been, well, less than amazing.  I won't name any names here, cause every town gets a second chance, right?  I am so grateful to locals Liz, Brigid, and Virginia who recommended Portsmouth!

One of my favorite spots was the Portsmouth Baking Company. I've developed an affinity for really good coffee & sandwich spots and the PBC did not disappoint.  Delicious sandwiches on fresh crusty bread and great coffee from the local Arlington, MA (let's hear it for Arlington!) roastery, Barismo.  All in a beautifully designed, clean and airy space.  I'll surely be back to the PBC soon. Real soon.

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