Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Travels to Northampton

From Amherst onto Northampton, which was exactly as I'd always imagined New England towns would be: quaint, full of beautiful old buildings and nestled in the mountains.  And it reminded me SO much of one of my favorite places: Lawrence, KS.  Clearly, I am a very much a fan of Northampton.  I can't wait to come back this summer when it's all greened up. Dinner (and a great beer selection) at the Dirty Truth and brunch (awesome banana pancakes) at Sylvesters.


  1. Wait, you came out this way and you didn't tell me?? THat's crazytimes! :) Glad you liked it over this-a-way. It's funny that you call Northampton "quaint", though, cuz to me it's the big city - where I go to the grocery store, the movies, the YMCA. It's all relative :)

  2. No way! I totally thought you lived further west. No worries though, I'll definitely be back and we will meet up :)


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