Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lazy (and freezing!) Sunday

Ccold winter days need a little bit of color to help brighten up the house, so I'm extra thankful these little purple flowers are still going strong. It's 20 degrees outside.  Which, I suppose, doesn't sound crazy cold, especially to those of us still used to Midwestern winters.  It's the "feels like" 7 degrees that hits home. SEVEN.  Dig out the hoodie sweatshirt and big blanket, I am staying inside today! The day has been filled with pancakes, cleaning up my studio, dreaming of being in Borneo, trying to find a frame for the print I got for Christmas (thanks Cindy!) and cuddling up under my quilt to do some reading.

I'm also trying to eat extra healthy to make amends for some recent decadence and radishes are my vegetable of choice today.  Have you ever tried toasted, buttered bread topped with thinly sliced radishes and a bit of salt and pepper? So tasty!  I am a firm believer that few things are as delicious as freshly toasted, buttered bread.  Still ahead, making braised collards for dinner and maybe venturing out of the house to go to yoga. Maaaaybe.

Stay warm out there kids!

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