Sunday, January 9, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

The weekend began with a trip to Redbones in Somerville on Friday night.  It was a really fun spot full of jovial people; I especially liked the downstairs dining/bar area. A good beer selection (Alagash White, yum) but I must say I was a little disappointed by the food.  The St. Louis ribs were pretty tasty, but the cornbread, beans and cole slaw were a bit bland.   I will have to try again though, maybe it was just an off night?

It was a snowy weekend, so I especially enjoyed staying inside all warm and cozy.  Wrapped in the new (supersoft) scarf my Mom knit me, padding around in fuzzy slippers and drinking lemongrass tea.  Other highlights so far: a new duvet (it's down blanket time!), coconut curry stew, and one last weekend with the Christmas tree. 

I did go out for a little walk along the Mystic River this afternoon and got a shot of the pair of swans that have been hanging out there for a couple of weeks now.  I suppose I've seen swans before, but never just out and about, i.e. not in a fountain or a corporate park.  They are really dramatic animals, so graceful as they float along.  Also much, much larger than I remember. 

Next class and pizza.  Maybe a movie?  How I love Netflix on demand.

Hoping your weekend was lovely!

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