Sunday, March 4, 2012


As I sat down to think about what to share with you from the last month, what kept coming to mind was food.  Always with the food over here, right? In the past few weeks, I've found not one but two new favorite restaurants!  First, I enjoyed a wonderful birthday dinner at Ten Tables Cambridge which can be summed up in three words: braised short ribs.  Enough said.  And Saloon, a great new 1920s styled bar and restaurant in Davis Square.  We also invited some friends over for a "Taste of Wisconsin" this weekend, which was great fun.  For you non-Midwesterners, if you're wondering what would be on the menu at such a gathering: scrumptious cheeses from Dodgeville WI (thanks Formaggio!) Potters Crackers, deviled eggs, cranberries (yep, Wisconsin is the nations leading producer of cranberries), soft pretzels, Bookbinders mustard, beer bratwurst served with mashed potatoes, sauerkraut and applesauce.  Oh and that's not even all of it!  For dessert there was Heavenly Hash, and if you've never had it, you must google a recipe for it right now.  And be amazed at its existence and enduring popularity.  Two other items you may not have known have Wisconsin roots: Jelly Belly jellybeans and Andes chocolate mints! Oh and to drink?  Brandy old fashioneds and ofcourse, beer: Hinterland, Leinenkugel, Schlitz, Pabst, and Lakefront Brewery.

Long story short (well, not really) I feel like I really need to reacquaint myself with vegetables.  So, for dinner tonight I've cooked up some braised collard greens.  Sure, I cooked them with bacon, but it's a start...

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