Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sandwich, MA

Have you been to Sandwich, Massachusetts? So far, it's one of my favorite towns on (in?) Cape Cod.  Pretty laid back but with a few excellent spots, like the Brown Jug gourmet grocery store and cafe, which you may remember from here.

These raspberry cookies I got there are AMAZING.

A new find was an antique shop where I got a great bentwood chair for $15. 

Apologies for the stereotypical sunset on the beach shot, but I just can't help myself! The views were, as always, gorgeous.


  1. So charming! I have a friend that lives in Cape Cod that has invited us out many times. Looking at these we'll have to take him up on it, and visit Sandwich.

  2. RE: pic with Post Office sign.

    I'm just wondering if you took that pic in a flower shop(?) on Jarves St. in Sandwich...It looks very familiar.

    My parents owned that building for a few years around 1969, when it was a country store.


  3. D-the Madison offer still stands! If you guys find yourselves out this way, I'd be so happy to meet you for a cup of coffee :)

    Randy-the shop is part of a little string of storefronts in downtown Sandwich. It's now a pretty large antique store. Definitely looked like it had been a pharmacy at some point, it had beautiful old wood counters.


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