Thursday, June 16, 2011

New foods from Formaggio

And now for the latest installment of interesting new foods I got at Formaggio Kitchen!  Above are a few lychee fruits, which I actually picked up as a little treat for my friend Sophia.  I did try a couple, just to see what they're all about...quite tasty, these little guys!  Fairly mild, kind of slippery, and mostly sweet.  If you do come across them, they are easy to eat: just peel the skin off (which is actually much easier to do than I expected) and eat around the pit.  They really are kind of strangely beautiful, no?

I also picked up some little Turkish green plums which are very good sprinkled with a bit of salt.
And because I'm always a sucker for a salty bar snack...some toasted, salted corn.  Is this what corn nuts are?  These looked like gargantuan corn nuts.  Yum.

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