Monday, May 2, 2011

Small Point Cafe, Providence

Wandering around Providence RI on Sunday morning, I was so happy to find a coffeeshop that was actually open at 9AM.  I was even more excited that it was the perfect coffeeshop.  The Small Point Cafe is a new addition to the Downcity area of the town, as I've learned.  It's exactly the kind of coffeeshop I'm always looking for...modern but comfortable, cozy but still hip on Sunday mornings.  You'd think that last one would be a given, but not so in Providence, it turns out.

Oh oh and they have a donut robot??!  Freshly fried donuts at the touch of a button!  Somebody better make sure I never get my hands on one of those magical machines.

They sell little plants in brightly colored pots too :)


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