Sunday, May 8, 2011

Oh Sunday

Today was a good day.  Got some work done then took a nice long drive through the scenic Massachusetts countryside, stopping at a flea market to browse for treasures.  And tonight was the first cookout of the season.  Hooray for warm weather!  It felt incredible to sit outside with the fire going, sipping a beer and watching birds in the trees.  And the reward for all of that hard work?  Delicious grilled steak, cheese, pepper, and onion sandwiches!


  1. Great photos!
    And among other things, this really convinces me that we're going to need to visit you all...

  2. You know we'd love it! Though we certainly owe you a visit...

  3. Yes, I see your point... :)
    Well, no matter which coast, I hope it's soon!

  4. Love this! It has finally hit a temperature over 60 as of this week...our spring has been slllooow this year. But yesterday and today were both in the 80s and I can't complain. Although we're due for a week's worth of rain, starting in about 2 hours. Bummer.


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