Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chroma Lab

I just learned about the great work of Chroma Lab from my friend Liz, aka Made In Lowell, via the Twitterweb.  I don't imagine I'm the only one admiring their work at the moment...Chroma Lab was just featured in Dwell magazine!  How fabulous!  Congrats to this Boston-based duo on making slick hand-painted clocks and for getting noticed doing it!

Photos courtesy of Chroma Lab and Dwell


  1. This is great, I love Chroma lab. I know Liz and the Chroma Lab peeps. It is nice to have some many crafty friends

  2. Diana, thank you so much for your kind post! And thank you, Kerry, as always, for your kind words.

    Liz is the hub of the Boston craft world!

  3. What a small little Boston craft world it is! Happy to take part :)


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