Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Bedford, past and present

Did you know Frederick Douglass once lived in New Bedford?  I love that you can't help but stumble across history when living in New England. New Bedford was also one of the whaling capitals of the world and you can learn all about the town's role in the whaling industry (as well as see an impressive collection of scrimshaw!) at the New Bedford Whaling Museum.  A massive whale skeleton suspended over the lobby makes for quite a dramatic entryway.

Nowadays, New Bedford seems like a blend of historic, artsy and a little bit of gritty. A unique vibe.  Walking around downtown, there are quite a few little restaurants and shops but also a fair number of vacant storefronts.  I recommend checking out the hip little mexican joint No Problemo.  Also, Artificial Intelligence for some nice vintage odds & ends plus iPhone repair (?).  The Green Bean coffeeshop has the most beautiful afternoon light and some delicious coffee.

A little bit outside of downtown New Bedford there is a church with the most incredible facade.  You can see the spires from clear across town. My photos cannot do it justice.


  1. that church is AMAZING!!! glad to see you are out exploring so much. i'm sure the east coast is packed with gems like this.

  2. Wow- gorgeous photos! I love learning the history of wherever I live. Among my better discoveries, Mark Twain once lived across the street from my old apartment. History mysteries...


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