Sunday, December 19, 2010

Boston's South End

I spent some more time exploring Boston's South End neighborhood yesterday. The weather was lovely...sunny and crisp. You know you've lived in Wisconsin when you describe 35 degrees as "lovely" and "crisp."

Some of the new spots I discovered: Flour bakery for an incredible gingerbread muffin and a mean macchiato, Motley for the next time I need to buy anyone the perfect gift, Turtle for unique women's clothes and accessories and the South End Athletic Company for all of my sporty needs.  As soon as winter boots weather is over I'm heading back to SEAC for a new pair of ASICS tigers-or maybe I'll find myself back there sooner for one of their group runs.  Here's hoping for some motivation on that front. Maybe someone will get me that for Christmas.

Today is all about fuzzy slippers and warm cups of tea. Up next...Black Bean and Pumpkin soup (thanks again for the recipe, Christina!) and toasted walnut blondies.  Ahhhh Sunday.  Hope you are all having a great weekend as well :)


  1. i am loving your posts about boston! makes me wish i could pack up and take a vacation.

    hope you aren't finding yourself to be too is the midwest girl at heart doing out east?

  2. Thanks for reading along Erin! It's so nice to hear from you.


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